13 YEARS ANTENA PROJECTS Founded in 2000, Antena Projects is a project-based arts organization focusing on contemporary Indonesian visual arts. AP collaborates with other organizations to create exhibitions, publications, educational forums, mentoring opportunities and curator/conservator/artists' exchanges which promote and communicate Indonesian contemporary art trends and movements. Initially conceived as a virtual organization, Antena Projects partnered with local organizations to plan and produce a wide range of art activities. In 2003 Antena Projects organized the 7th Jogja Biennale, 'Countrybution', creating a new management structure that included the creation of the first-ever fundraising initiative for the event; private sector involvement that expanded the event's impact and facilitated volunteerism; the publication of three newsletters including a comprehensive post-event evaluation; and generating the vision of an non-profit biennale foundation to sustain continuity and longevity, which became in reality in 2010. Two years later, Antena Projects formally announced its International Artists Residency Program and launched KAMAR SENI, a small, multi-functional space that represents a permanent home and a more space-oriented approach to programming. In 2009 AP introduced a 'collections care' component to its activities, initiating preventative conservation research, procedures and education designed to minimize deterioration and damage to works of art in Indonesia's tropical environment. Antena Projects' activities are intended to contribute to heterogeneous art practices and to provide opportunities for a diverse community of artists. The name 'antena' (the Indonesian spelling of 'antenna') was adopted to reflect our desire to be an open and accessible site of engagement where information signals are received and transmitted.