Office for Contemporary Art (OFCA) International is an artist initiative founded in Yogyakarta by artists Jumaldi Alfi and Fendry Ekel as well as Astrid Honold, a Berlin-based curator and editor. During its establishment, artist Abdi Setiawan provided positive advice and support. OFCA International was developed to advance the activities of the founders in their studios. The main purpose of OFCA International is to support active skilled artists, either in Indonesia or abroad, within an international context. Criteria for the artists to join this organization are based on a mission to develop quality human resources in order to advance the artists' role in society through a varied, open and practical dialogue about contemporary fine art.

The history of OFCA International began in 2004 when Astrid Honold, with almost one decade of experience in management working for renowned international design label Droog Design, opened Astrid Honold Office in Amsterdam. In 2011, OFCA International moved from Amsterdam to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Besides focusing on artists' activities, OFCA International is concerned with developing exhibition concepts, lecturers, and research development in fine art. OFCA International actively collaborates with other institutions, for example producing catalogues and monographs with Black Cat Publishing; producing exhibition programs with artist initiative PartNER, such as Re-PLAY 2013-2014 which has shown the works of Heri Dono, Entang Wiharso, Anusapati, and others; and partnering with Antena Projects and PartNER to produce Yogyakarta Open Studio 2013.

OFCA International is located in the former painting studio of Jumaldi Alfi in Kalipakis, a small village to the west of the Keraton. Kalipakis is located between the villages of Kersan and Nitiprayan, areas where many artists work and live, and is home to other art institutions including Sangkring Art Space, SaRanG Building, Kersan Art Studio and Yogya Art Lab.


  • Jumaldi Alfi
  • Fendry Ekel
  • Abdi Setiawan
  • Entang Wiharso
  • Krisna Murti
  • Franziska Fennert