Studio Takashi Kuribayashi

Studio Takashi Kuribayashi is a work space for artist Takashi Kuribayasi. The studio, which is managed by Takashi Kuribayashi, was opened in 2014 to accommodate a number of programs he will undertake in Indonesia. Even though this studio is a private space for the artist to work, it can still be accessed by the public for art education and the exchange of ideas about art. Studio Takashi Kuribayashi will try to undertake programs where the studio is not only for art production, but also used for collaborative programs with individual artists, communities and institutions.
Studio Takashi Kuribayashi occupies a Javanese building located in the village of Jeblog, between the villages of Nitiprayan and Kersan, where many artists live and work. Around the studio there are also several art spaces such as Sangkring Art Space, Kersan Art Studio, SaRang Building, OFCA International, Yogyakarta Art Lab, and Museum dan Tanah Liat.

YOS Insight

Cinema Caravan
8 June 2015
07.00 PM – 09.00 PM

Artists with work at this Location

cinema-caravanCinema Caravan is a mobile cinema based on the concept of being able to ‘play with the earth’ using the five senses – set sometimes by a quiet bayside, sometimes in the middle of a rice field, on a hill, on the expended ruins of a place etched in history, or otherwise set in the middle of a pulsing city. Recent projects include Zushi/Basque – Unsolicited Sister City Schema; CINEMA CARAVAN × griot, NAGOYA 2012; CINEMA CARAVAN × griot Bagi meja, and AP BANK 2012. Cinema Caravan is based in Japan.




takashi-kluribayashiTakashi Kuribayashi (b. 1968, Nagasaki, Japan) graduated from Musashino Art University in Japan and subsequently moved to Germany to complete his master’s studies at the Kunst Akademie Düsseldorf. Kuribayashi has participated in many international exhibitions including the Sapporo International Art Festival, Sapporo, Hokkaido; Art x Mix, Ichihara, Chiba; SEA+ Triennale 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia; and The Unknown, Kuntshalle Faust Hannover, Hannover, Germany. Kuribayashi lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.