ArsKala Principle Studio

ArsKala Principle Studio – Arskala Project (Endang Lestari & Sujud Dartanto)


Ds. Sentikan, Karangnongko, RT. 03 / RW. 27, Tirtomartani, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta

ArsKala Principle (Principle Time Art) is an initiative, a studio and an art project. The name is taken from a combination of two words to create ArsKala: Ars (Latin: arts) and Kala (Javanese: time) followed by the English word “Principle.” Located in the eastern part of Yogyakarta, amidst the temple relics from the classic Sanjaya era including Kalasan, Plaosan and Prambanan temples, Arskala Principle puts itself socially amid fields of local and global interactions.

Arskala Principle sees art as a way to express the uniqueness of an experience, as well as highlight the work of knowledge production. Through art, Arskala Principle is interested in the various practices of contemporary tagging within diverse historical, social and socio-cultural contexts and forms, generated by further development of tradition, media culture and technology. In its practice, ArsKala Principle creates artwork, workshops, research, exchanges, collaboration and residencies. ArsKala Principle was initiated by Endang Lestari and Sudjud Dartanto in 2014 .

Endang Les’tari’ (1976, Banda Aceh, Indonesia) and Sudjud Dartanto (1976, Bangkalan, Indonesia), both are artists, educators, curators and co-founders of Arksala Principle Studio and Project. Les’tari’ completed a Bachelor of Craft Art and Master of Art at Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI), Yogyakarta. Sudjud Dartanto completed a Bachelor of Craft Art at ISI Yogyakarta, and Master of Cultural Studies at postgraduate program, Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta. Les’tari’ has participated in Celsius, International Ceramic Exhibition, Balai Seni Visual Negara, Kualalumpur, Malaysia, 2016; Pedagogy of the Unknown, Sungai Batu, Penang, Malaysia, 2015; Neo Nation’, 2008Jogja Biennale,Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta; and the 2012 Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale, National Gallery, Indonesia.  Sudjud Dartanto recently participated in Pilgrimage to Earth, Green Host, Yogyakarta, 2016; Pedagogy of the Unknown, Sungai Batu,Penang, Malaysia, 2015; and Sci-Fi Novel Project, Mediatrack, Datta Bot, Jakarta, 2016.