Brahma Tirta Sari Studio

Brahma Tirta Sari Studio – Nia Fliam & Agus Ismoyo


Ds. Tegal Cerme KD V RT. 08 / RW. 14, Banguntapan, Yogyakarta

Celebrating the rich heritage of ancient batik textile techniques and the expansive cultural traditions of Indonesia, Brahma Tirta Sari Studio (BTS) was established in 1985 and is a division of the Babaran Segaragunung Culture House (BSG).Babaran Segaragunung (BSG) is a non-profit arts organization based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia whose main purpose is to support the exploration of the local wisdom of Indonesia's pluralistic cultural traditions in order to enrich contemporary understanding of our heritage. BSG facilitates artistic collaborations and exchanges, educational programs particularly in relation to traditional creative process, publications, exhibitions, workshops and cultural tours, as well as offers training, research and arts documentation.  Serving artists, artisans, and cultural enthusiasts in Indonesia and abroad, BSG aims to enhance the creativity and sustainability of all Indonesian arts.

Another division of BSG, Studio Babaran Segaragunung was formally opened in 2014 as an educational studio.  The mission of BSG Studio is to develop methodology for the teaching of the intangible creative process indigenous to the region and rooted in its local wisdom. Studio BSG is a vessel for the exploration of all forms of art and culture.

Brahma Tirta Sari Studio and the collaborative artists Agus Ismoyo (b. 1959, Yogyakarta, Indonesia) and Nia Fliam (b. 1955, Denver, CO, USA) create contemporary fiber art which is rooted in an exploration of a traditional creative process, which aims to understand basic cultural principles underlying intangible cultural heritage in order to utilize it within contemporary creative practice. Ismoyo studied industrial management at AKPRIND, Yogyakarta.  Fliam received her BFA from Pratt Institute, New York. They have participated in many prestigious exhibitions throughout the world and worked with renowned curators. Since 1994 they have collaborated with African, Australian Aboriginal and Native American artists as well as artists from Asia, America, Europe and Australia and have been recognized for their intricate, nuanced and time-intensive contemporary fiber art.  Ismoyo and Fliam live and work in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.