Lugis Studio

Lugis Studio – Muhlis Lugis


Jl. Suryodiningratan No.34 Yogyakarta

Lugis Studio, founded by the artist Muhlis Lugis in 2015, is a place to support art practice. The studio, where examples of Lugis’ woodcuts are displayed, is generally used as a printmaking facility to support the creative process. The 40 m2 building includes facilities to produce works using printmaking techniques such as relief, intaglio and screen-printing. In addition, the studio is the site for the study of both art practice and art discourse. Lugis Studio is open for a variety of workshops and art related discussions.

 Muhlis Lugis (1987, Makasar, Indonesia) received a Bachelor in art education from Universitas Negeri Makassar and a Master of Fine Art in printmaking from the Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta. His work reflects the glory and perfection of life as reflected in individual lived experience. For the Bugis people in Makassar one of the most important cultural values is siri (honor, self- esteem, faithfulness and integrity). A person must build and maintain siri, a quality that differentiates humans from animals that merely follow their desires without any thought of the consequences. Muhlis sees that in modern life, humans are acting more and more like animals as evidenced by the corruption, infidelity, runaway marriages and theft. These behaviors show how siri has degenerated in Bugis culture. His work is a critical commentary on the state of society and an attempt to remind people of the true value of siri today. Lugis was awarded third-place in Triennale Seni Grafis V and recently exhibited in Jogja Mini Print Biennale, Sangkring Art Project, Yogyakarta, 2016; Asian Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong, 2016; Affordable Art Fair, Singapore and Hong Kong, 2016; and Art Taipei, Taiwan, 2016. Lugis lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.