Yogyakarta Open Studio 2014
24 Nov – 22 DECEMBER 2014

In a world that is increasingly connected, it is no wonder that we at Yogyakarta Open Studio (YOS) are interested in exploring the studio as a site of international relations. For a long time, people have looked at exhibitions, galleries, museums and alternative spaces to determine what is happening in the Indonesian art scene. Rarely have artists consciously opened their studios to show more than their place of work. Through YOS, artists can share knowledge and strategies that reveal important aspects of the Yogyakarta art scene. This year, YOS looks at the development, practice and realities of international relations for Yogyakarta-based artists. Discover the 9 studios and 40+ artists (more than double the number from last year) we are featuring in the 2014 edition of YOS. We welcome and encourage you to travel around the Yogyakarta region using the information and map in this booklet or on our website,


www.yogyakartaopenstudio.com Entang Wiharso – Krisna Murti – Fauzi As’ad – Lucie Fontaine – Fendry Ekel – Desrat Fianda – Takashi Kuribayashi – Sally Smart – Adib Fricke – Jumaldi Alfi – Taufik Ermas – Genevieve Chua – Aiman Hakim – M.Lugas Syllabus – T_KA – T_KI – Abdi Setiawan – Heri Dono – Linda Sormin – Anja Teske – Yunizar – Masrizal Koto – Erianto – Indra Dodi – Endang Lestari – Kexin & Margaret Zhang – Wakilur Rahman – Alwin Reamillo – Lenny Ratnasari Weichert – Rikke Darling – Awang Behartawan – Fee Vogler – Iabadiou Piko – Rudi Hendriatno – Ivan Bestari MP – Deni Rahman – Kristina Rutar – M. Lugas Syllabus – Maryanto – Kotak Hitam_Forum – Marsoyo – Takashi Kuribayashi – Michinori Maru – Mayumi Okabayashi – Sho Tanaka