Syllabus Studio

Syllabus Studio is active as a space for M Lugas Syllabus’ art practice. It is located in Kasongan, Bantul, a key attraction in this region as the center of pottery art in Yogyakarta. Syllabus Studio is also close to the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta. Originally, the studio was located in Suryodiningratan. However, as Lugas’ art practice developed he decided to build a new studio named Syllabus Studio, which has been active since 2012.

Besides being a work place for the artist, the studio has also become a meeting area to discuss and present the works of other artists.
Artists with work at this location:

lugas-syllabusM. Lugas Syllabus (b. 1987, Bengkulu) graduated from ISI Yogyakarta in painting. Lugas is an multi-media artist who works on two and three dimensions media. He is also active in performance art. His works tell about hopes and sacrifices, between demands and realitic, where developments force people leave villages. Job vacancies are centralized in one area, while on the other hand investors compete to take as much abandoned land as possible. The development of nomadic era is shown by individuals who are changing into groups with greater waves. They are uncountable immigrants. Lugas often joins exhibitions in Asia and Europe, and several times participated in artist residency programs which give special opportunities to young artists like Lugas in the international art world.



maryantoMaryanto (b. 1977, Jakarta) has his formal training at Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta and participated in subsequent residencies in the Netherlands at the Rijksacademie van Beeldende Kunsten, as well as at the Esculea de Orient programme at Casa Asia Barcelona, Spain. Maryanto makes artwork that serves as a form of story-telling with the impression of a theatrical stage or landscape setting. The work as a story explores and transfers knowledge, through historical research, myths and stories combined with the artists’ own artistic imagination and constructed forms. The results are dramatic and romantic black and white installations made of paintings, etchings and rich charcoal drawings that evoke stories and environments. Recent exhibition include Art Stage, Singapore; Artplay, 5th Moscow Biennale, Spaces Of Exception, Moscow; Nest, Gloomy Prospects and Lucid Adventures, Den Haag, Netherlands; Ceia Funarte Permeability, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Maryanto lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


kotak-hitamKotak Hitam_Forum (2008) is committed to focusing on Indonesian identity with all of its cultural diversity, and to act as a learning place for the marginal class by providing opportunities and stimulating creative ideas that reflects practical and sustainable applications in their community. Kotak hitam_forum will publish audio-visual programs and documentations to provide alternative cultural and historical perspectives to the wider public to stimulate the people to be personally critical and to question the dynamics of social memory and inequality issues around them. Kotak Hitam_forum live and work in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.







marsoyoMarsoyo (b. 1973, Magelang) graduated from Indonesia Art Institute Yogyakarta. Most of his works are natural ecosystem paintings, especially of Java. In his paintings, he tries to re-investigate the role of each creature as part of an ecosystems which are connected to each other. In Java, animals have becom e business commodities enjoyed by society, which has so affected the balance of nature’s ecosystems. Marsoyo has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions including Art for Our Life, Budapest and Eger, Hungaria; Indonesian Art Today: Re-exploring Culture, Verona, Italy; Indonesia Contemporary Art, Galerie Smend, Colegne, Germany; The Epilogue of Kampong, Arya Art Gallery, Singapore. Marsoyo lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.



Iabadiou-PikoIabadiou Piko (b. 1984, Prabumulih, South Sumatra) studied at Academic Design of Vision Yogyakarta Department ADVY 2005, majoring in Art Photography. His work uses the mediums of painting and photography. His work portrays the memories of daily life in an abstract, figurative and poetic atmosphere. His intuitive work is inspired by people he meets each day, things that happen to him, and places he has been. He captures memories, feelings and his imagination as a visual diary. His work is an allegory and metaphor of what goes around in his life. Piko has participated in selected group exhibition in Indonesia, also in group shows at The National Art Museum of China, Beijing; Luhring Augustine, New York; and ASYAAF, LVS Gallery, Seoul, Korea. Iabadiou lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.








Taufik-ErmasTaufik Ermas (b. 1984, Bukittinggi) studied painting at Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta. In recent years his work, which includes both painting and sculpture, has rigorously considered the human body and its forms, especially hands and feet. In his paintings he explores how gestures can convey narratives, while his sculptures add another dimension to this examination of forms, condensing the values of painting, both in terms of form and finish. He has exhibited in Indonesia and Asia and recent exhibitions include Trienalle Sculptures, Indonesia National Gallery, Jakarta; Manifesto, Indonesia National Gallery, Jakarta; Fragments of Lie, Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta and Maximum City, Jakarta Biennale, Indonesia National Gallery, Jakarta. Taufik lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.