Studio Yunizar

Studio Yunizar is a workspace for the artist Yunizar located in South Bugisan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The studio was built in 2006 as a private workspace. As the dynamics of the art world and the discourse have developed, the activities of the studio, in conjunction with Yunizar’s art practice, have increased in relation to the conditions of contemporary art. This studio not only functions as a workspace for Yunizar, but is also available for young artists and art writers to explore the art world by providing a simple space and studio.

The studio is managed by Yunizar himself, in accordance with his needs. The condition and culture of the people in the surrounding village, which is not far from the Keraton, allows the studio to be accepted and appreciated by its neighbors and creates a comfortable work environment. The studio is opened to the public for visits. Located in one of the central areas for art in Yogyakarta, Studio Yunizar is close to other art spaces including SMSR art high school, Sangkring Art Space, SaRanG Building, OFCA International, Jogja Art Lab, Kersan Art Studio and Heri Pemad Art Management.
Artists with work at this location:

yunizarYunizar (b. 1971, Talawi, West Sumatra) graduated from Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta and is a founding member of the Jendela Art Group. Working primarily in acrylic and pencil, the empty spaces and simply rendered images populating his beautifully balanced compositions convey a uninhibited quality. Known for his highly textured surfaces, non-rhythmic lines and limited color palette, Yunizar’s open-ended narratives evoke a timeless, spiritual atmosphere. A recipient of the 1998 ‘Top 10′ Phillip Morris ASEAN Art Award, he has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Asia including Yunizar: Story, Ben Brown Fine Arts, Hong Kong; Ground Zero, Lokanat Galleries, Yangon, Myanmar; Paperworks, Gajah Gallery, Singapore; Roadshow: Indonesia, Havana-Cuba, Singapore; and Intersection: Latin America and South East Asian Contemporary Art, Gajah Gallery, Singapore. Yunizar lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.




masrizal-kotoMasrizal Koto (b. 1977, Pariaman, West Sumatra) studied at Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta and is a student of Indonesian artist Yunizar, working alongside him in his studio and engaging in a discourse about aesthetics since 2010. His work considers the role of human thought processes, our insatiable need to imagine and procure what we desire, and a broad interest in the meaning of existence. Posing questions like, ‘What am I doing?’ and ‘What is happening to human beings?’ provides the impetus for Masrizal to see life as the basis of expressive forms which have essential properties and can lead to aesthetic values. A finalist for the 2012 UOB Art Award, he has exhibited across Indonesia including UOB Art Award 2014; Bakaba #3, Jogja Gallery; Bakaba #2, Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta; Emosi dan Rasa, Go Art Space, Surabaya; and Trans Visual, Tembi Gallery, Yogyakarta. Masrizal lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.





EriantoErianto (b. 1983 Paladangan Agam, West Sumatra) is an alumnus of the Post Graduate School, Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta. He paints cardboard packages as well as wooden crates of various sizes on canvas creating the illusion that the packages and crates are real—a feat that could signify the end of painting itself. Through this series, the artist portrays the studio of an artist after his or her unsold artworks are returned from an exhibition at a gallery. He pushes the limits of painting in an exceptional manner, evoking a sense of urgency to rethink painting as it used to be practiced. His artworks blur the paintings with objects or two-dimensional artwork and three-dimensional artwork. Erianto has enjoyed international success having won awards including the Bandung Contemporary Art Awards; Recidency in Kultur Model, Passau City, Germany and has exhibited in Hong Kong and USA. Erianto lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


indra-dodiIndra Dodi (b. 1980, Lampung) graduated from Indonesia Art Institute, Yogyakarta. His paintings convey a message about rebels. They talk about reality or several things from his perspective that look at reality, such as environment, villages, stones, mountains, rivers, rain, clouds, parties, love, drunk, women, children, soil, talking, alphabets, etc. He wants viewers to learn how to close their eyes and mentally go back to childhood to find the source of our art creativity which is our self-spiritual expression. His recent exhibitions are Asyaaf, Gallery LVS, Seoul, Korea; German-Indonesian Projects U(Dys)topia 2010 and Crossing Signs, 2011; Beijing Biennale 2010, Beijing Museum, China; Free Style, Affandi Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Indra lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.





Endang-LestariEndang Lestari (b. 1976, Banda Aceh) graduated from Indonesia Art Institute, Yogyakarta for her graduate and postgraduate study. She was raised within Javanese culture and then moved to Aceh, Sumatra as a teenager. Most of her work refers to women figures in various narrative contexts through different media and techniques, in objects, two-dimensional works and installations. Her interest in psychoanalysis and unconsciousness experience, along with its connection to gender, identity issues, history and memory, bring a surrealistic quality to her work. This surrealism approach frees her to explore the merging of universal, local, and subjective symbols. In her recent work, Endang puts realism and fictional languages together. She has participated in several exhibitions and residencies in Indonesia and abroad, such as a solo exhibition, Electralogy, Shigaraki, Japan, 2011. She was chosen to participate in the Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale #1,2009 and #2 2012 and was also a finalist for the Bandung Contemporary Art Awards, 2010. Endang lives and works as an artist, educator, and researcher in Arskala Principle Studio, Kalasan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Abdi-SetiawanAbdi Setiawan (b. 1971, Sicincin, West Sumatra) majored in sculpture at Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta. His installation-based work in metal and wood features life-sized sculptures that depict scenes of modern Indonesian life with incisive social commentary. Abdi is sympathetic towards marginalized figures such as sex workers, transvestites, buskers and becak drivers, who often appear as subjects in his work. Abdi has participated in numerous international exhibitions and art fairs in Europe and Asia. Recent exhibitions include The Future is Here, Redbase Contemporary Art, Jakarta; SEA+ Triennale, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta; Indonesian Pavilion, ArtStage Singapore, Singapore; 5 Artists from Indonesia, Marc Straus Gallery, New York; and Re-PLAY #4 Abdi Setiawan, OFCA International, Yogyakarta. Abdi lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.