Black Goat Studio

Black Goat Studios, which has facilities in Indonesia and the United States, is the workspace for Entang Wiharso. Established in 1993 in Jomegatan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the studio was relocated to Kalasan in 1998. Previously called Entang Wiharso Studio, the name was changed to Black Goat Studios in 2009.

When Entang Wiharso first began building his studio facility, the Indonesian art scene was a small and close-knit community with little interest from overseas, so many artists only interacted within the local context. Entang realized that not only could the studio be a place to work but it could also develop into an office, an educational facility, a library, a laboratory and a place for collaboration. Black Goat Studios has grown to accommodate these components and is managed by Entang and Christine Cocca, director of Antena Projects.

Entang chose the Kalasan region on the outskirts of Yogyakarta as the location of his Indonesian studio.  He was attracted to the area because he fell in love with the architecture of Prambanan Temple and because S. Soedjojono (the father of modern Indonesian art) once lived in the area. Kalasan is a culturally rich region with important heritage sites including Prambanan Temple, Ratu Boko complex, Plaosan Temple and Kalasan Temple, and many ketoprak (traditional theater) groups and art studios. Black Goat Studios in North Scituate, Rhode Island is close to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence and to the New York and Boston art scenes.

Antena Projects is an organization under the umbrella of Black Goat Studios and located in the same compound.  While Black Goat Studios is a private facility, Antena Projects often opens its doors to Indonesian and foreign guests for specific events such as the residency program.  Antena Projects has also been particularly interested in bringing in kindergarten, primary school and college students for workshops, collaborating with Yogyakarta schools and universities as well as Western Michigan University to create educational initiatives.


  • Entang Wiharso
  • Ashley Bickerton
  • Lucie Fontaine
  • Krisna Murti
  • Fendry Ekel
  • Chim#Pom