PartNER was founded in 2012 in Yogyakarta by Fanti Sulistyaningsih, Desrat Fianda, and Taufik Ermas. Initially developed as an artist's studio for Desrat Fianda and Taufik Ermas, it has evolved into an institution for developing artists' careers, managed by Fanti Sulistyaningsih.

In addition to its use as an artist studio, PartNER also plays a role as an event organizer from its on-site office and has an exhibition facility named Space for Artist (SFA) Yogyakarta. In 2013, PartNER organized Duo Show Desrat Fianda and Taufik Ermas Fragments of Lie at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta. As an organization focused on developing visual art in Indonesia, PartNER has recently been working closely with OFCA International to produce “Re-PLAY,” an on-going series of solo exhibitions, as well partnering with Antena Projects and OFCA International to produce Yogyakarta Open Studio 2013.

Located in Minggiran, Suryodiningratan, Yogyakarta, PartNER can be reached easily by both locals and foreigners as it is close to the Sultan's Palace and to the tourist area, Prawirotaman. Minggiran is home to many art institutions including galleries, art spaces, foundations and the Post-Graduate School, Institut Seni Indonesia.