Studio Ivan Sagita

In 1989 Studio Ivan Sagita was built as a family dwelling, styled after traditional East Javanese coastal homes. Over time, additional spaces were added by Sagita and utilized as work and storage areas to accommodate his studio practice. Sagita works on sketches, drawings and paintings as well as his resin and metal cast sculptures that depict the artist’s pre-occupation with themes surrounding the fragility of life, mortality and spiritualism. The studio is located in the northwest region of Yogyakarta.

YOS Insight

Artist Talk
Ivan Sagita
14 June 2015
05.00 PM – 09.00 PM

Artists with work at this Location

ivan-sagitaIvan Sagita (b. 1957, Malang, Indonesia) graduated from Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta in 1985. Sagita won the silver medal at the 1996 Osaka Trienale as well as the Mainichi Broadcasting System Prize, The Osaka Sculpture Triennale 1998, and has participated in many national and international exhibitions. His 2014 solo exhibition, They lay their heads on a soft place, was held at Equator Art Project in Singapore. He lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.




edith-bons1Edith Bons (b. 1952, Merauke, Indonesia) studied painting from 1980-1985 at the Academy for Visual Arts, Minerva, Groningen. Bons’ work is closely affiliated with her life history that is interwoven with her birth in Indonesia. This can be seen in exhibition such as Indo-Maluku_Totok, Bart Art Box, Thesinge; Indo DNA, Museum Coda/Accec, Apeldoorn; and The Netherlands, DOK-art, Delft. She lives and works in Delft, the Netherlands.




fadjar-sidik1Fadjar Sidik (1930-2004, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia) studied at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta in 1952 and also at ASRI, Yogyakarta in 1954. In addition he studied painting at Sanggar Pelukis Rakyat under artists Hendra Gunawan and Sudarso in 1952, and for almost one and a half years (1968-1970) studied art restoration and conservation techniques in New Zealand. Beginning in 1966, he was a lecturer at ASRI. He is remembered as a teacher able to stimulate intensive discussions on campus at Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta. Fadjar Sidik died in Yogyakarta in 2004.